About Evakarin

Evakarin has worked both to make marketing easier and more fun selling and helping people to realize their dreams. These are two different areas, but they have one thing in common. It is that all people carry a limiting thoughts about ourselves. Most of them, we are not even aware of and therefore hinder us to get what we want.

Her specialty is to teach simple techniques that will help you see your limitations and give you insights into yourself that bring you forward. She shows how you can use your negative emotions as a catalyst in order to feel happier and more positive and how to turn limiting thoughts about yourself to invigorating thoughts.

Just as a computer has software that always responds based on commands you give, is our unconscious part of us programmed and allows you for the most responsive automatic. If you have a positive, constructive programming responsive to you in a similar way which makes you successful in life. Have now less positive or ne ably has an adverse records responsive to a less successful way. When you update your records will your life will automatically become more successful.

I had a dream of becoming a rock star, I thought that it would remain a dream. But thanks Evakarin Wallin I realized that I was already a rock babe. I just needed to pick it up with me. Evakarin has helped me to realize my dream and now I draw on tour!

Rock on babe!



Evakarin is a down to earth person and known for her ability to listen. She has changed her life many times and have also made ​​use of all the tools she teaches and therefore know that they work. Evakarin has over twenty years experience of this and has also learned from experienced coaches, trainers, and of life itself.

Having had the privilege to have Evakarin as a coach has been really awesome! She is a very warm and present person who really possesses the art of listening. In her presence I reflect over my own words and of the changes I want to accomplish in my life. She creates a safe place for change. – Anna Stensdotter